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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

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Because sometimes you actually need to speak to your drinking buddies between sips, we’ve compiled some shareable beer facts. Cheers!

1. The first beer bottle was sold in 1850.

2. The oldest beer ad was found on a clay tablet from 4000BC.

3. The oldest beer recipe is a 4000 year old beer made by Sumerians.

4. The first pro-brewers were women called Brewsters, and the criteria included having to be beautiful.

5. A beer expert is called a cerevisaphile.

6. They guys that built the pyramids in Egypt were paid partially in beer.

7. Workers on Giza Pyramids received about 4-litres a day.

8. Babylonian king Hummurabi demanded his countrymen receive a daily ration of beer.

9. Ancient Babylonians believed that bad brewers should get drowned in their beer.

10. Chicha is a traditional Peruvian beer dating back to Incan times. The secret ingredient? Spit.

11. Nineteenth Century nursing mothers would drink up to 7 pints a day.

12. Brown bottles help to keep beer fresh.

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