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2015 Vannie Hout Launch

Vannie Hout

The wait is over! After 12 months of aging to perfection, the 2015 Vannie Hout is ready for launch.

I caught up with JC Steyn, head brewer at Devil’s Peak, to discuss what fans can expect from this year’s batch.

“To start, the base brew for the Vannie Hout is the same as it was last year. We were very happy with it. As they say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

“After the initial brew, we aged these beauties for 12 months in used Pinot noir and Chardonnay barrels. Great beer takes time, and we are in no rush! After a year-long vacation in barrel, the Vannie Hout was bottled conditioned for a further three months. This step is crucial, as it allows for the perfect level of carbonation with super fine bubbles and a moosey mouth feel.”

“For the yeast, we decided to use two strains of Brettanomyces this year – Brett Lambicus and Brett Bruxellensis. I did notice that the Lambicus had a much more pronounced farm yard character than the Brett Brux, so we blended the two components together and topped up with 5% fresh Saison prior to bottling.”

“The main aim here is to set it aside from just another barrel aged beer by really attempting to enhance the Brett character. We want to get beer lovers embracing the funk!”

“Because we have to plan so far ahead for these beers, we have recently brewed the next batch. It’s actually already in barrel. This time, however, we’ve made some big changes in the brewhouse in order to set up the best possible platform from Brett. For this beer, funk is king, and small adjustments go a long way. We’re very excited for our fans to try the Vannie Hout year to year and see how it progresses!”

So what are you waiting for? Less staring at your computer screen, more getting down to the Taproom! Pulled pork, cheeseburgers, pork chops . . . a viking’s feast awaits! And from today (16/10/15) at noon, the brand new Vannie Hout is on the menu. You can also ask your local retailer to stock this Devil’s Peak classic!

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