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5 Things No Beer Fan Should Accept


Dirty draught systems, grimy glassware, warm storage, a frozen glass and an establishment that doesn’t offer beer parings. These are the 5 Things No Beer Fan Should Accept, ever.

1. Dirty Draught Systems
Is your beer flat, sour, or foaming excessively? Chances are the bar is skirting on its draught line maintenance. What’s a draught line, you ask? Hidden behind each and every tap are beer lines that require a specific cleaning routine in order to prevent microbes forming inside of them. If there’s a problem with your beer, ask the bar staff how often they clean their draught lines. If they have to think about it, or answer something that isn’t “every two weeks,” then spend your money somewhere else.

2. Grimy Glass
You should never have to drink from a dirty glass. How do you know when your glass is dirty? When your beer’s bubbles cling to the sides of your glass instead of rising to the top, they are most likely stuck on some sort of residue. Residue that’s either from a previous customer or some sort of detergent. Both of which are gross. Ask for a new glass.

3. Warm Storage
Does your beer taste of wet cardboard, honey or almonds? Is it somewhat sour or a bit metallic? Then chances are that your beer hasn’t been stored properly. Beer should be treated like food and stored cold, so that undesirable off-flavors and oxidation is slowed.

4. Frozen Glass
A frozen glass is great, right? Wrong. Would a restaurant allow their chef to serve meat or fish that was stored open in the freezer with no protective packaging? Besides off-flavors reminiscent of the ice crystals from the sides of a freezer, the colder temperatures mask craft beer’s flavors and cause excessive foaming. A room temperature glass will do fine, thankyouverymuch.

5. No Beer Pairings
Wine is not the only beverage that can be expertly paired with a meal. Unless you’re in a fine-dining French restaurant, then there’s no excuse. And on that note, have you tried our pairing tray?

pairing tray

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  1. I particularly like no 5. Not sure about no. 3 though – most of these off-flavours are caused long before the bar gets their hands on the beer…

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