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5 Wacky Beer Innovations

Beer Shampoo | Wacky Beer Innovations

Okay so we’ve all heard about the Hollywood starlet who washes her hair in beer… Well crafty types are now finding even more innovative ways to enjoy beer.

Here are just 5 wacky beer innovations…

OnTap Beer Enhancer
This liquid flavour enhancer promises to add craft brew taste to your mass-produced lager. So now you can enjoy craft for the price of standard beer, and with even more crap in it! The producers claim that just one small bottle of the OnTap concentrate – availabel in American Ale and Pale Ale – will be enough to transform the flavour of a case of light lager.

Beer On Toast
Alta Quota Brewery and chocolatier Pietro Napoleone teamed together to create Birra Spalmabile, spreadable beer available in both blonde (Greta) and dark (Omid). Smart move as the Italian beer market is projected to grow by only 0.5% in 2014, but savoury spreads are boosting volume sales all over Europe due to the move into the snacking space.

Polar Beer: The Cell Phone Nullifier
Imagine a world where people actually interacted with those around them instead of staring into the little screens in their hands. WTF? LOL! But wait, Polar Beer aims to do just that, keeping conversation flowing as smoothly as your beer, with a beer cooler that blocks all GSM, wifi, 3G and 4G within 1.5 metres. Cheers!

Frozen Pints
Frozen Pints mix craft beer and ice cream with flavours like hoppy Honey IPA and a Malted Milk Chocolate Stout. Adults need something more substantial than a Chico-the-Clown ice-cream and chocolate sauce, which is why alcoholic ice cream has been a niche but growing trend for a while now, with alcohol being an ingredient in around 2% of global new ice cream product launched last year.

Kirin Frozen Beer Head
Ice cream isn’t the only cool beer development. In Japan, a place famous for beer innovation, Kirin’s Ichibin Shbori Frozen Draft will freeze the head of your beer to -5°C, keeping your beer cold for half an hour. While we don’t know anyone who nurses their beer for 30 minutes, we won’t knock it until we’ve tried it.

* Bonus beer innovation!
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