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7 Weird American Beer Laws

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America’s love affair with weird beer law goes all the way back to Prohibition. Some states sill have their own weird beer laws in place, so remember to avoid these places the next time you visit the good ol’ US of A.

Size matters. A law passed in 2012 finally allowed the sale of beer bottles larger than 16 ounces. The new limit: a comparatively whopping 25.4 ounces, which is the equivalent to our 750ml quart. Those 40s you see in the rap videos? You’ll have to go to the East Coast or the West Coast or wherever it is that they make rap videos.

2. Florida
Craft beer has ushered in a receptacle known as the growler. This is great for green types not wanting to lessen their impact on the environment. However, beer fans in Florida or forced to use growlers either smaller than 32 ounces or larger than 128 ounces, even though the industry-standard growler size is 64 ounces. Meaning most just make two trips.

3. Maine
You can enjoy beer between 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. every day in Maine, except on Sundays when you have to wait until 9 a.m. Which sounds fair until you consider St. Patrick’s Day. In 2013 St. Paddy’s fell on a Sunday, which caused such a commotion that state legislature had to pass a bill creating an exemption allowing 6 a.m. Sunday alcohol sales if St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday. Green beer for breakfast!

4. Indiana and Oklahoma
State laws force grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies to only sell beer warm. Cold beer is, however, available at liquor stores.

5. Massachusetts
In 1984 Massachusetts banned happy hours. Other states take similar stances on drink promotions including Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma and,as recently as 2012, Utah. But there’s hope, Kansas brought happy hour back in 2012.

6. Colorado?
Yes, there’s legalized marijuana but that doesn’t mean all is okay with certain brew. Supermarkets may only sell beer that is 3.2 percent ABW (alcohol by weight) or lower. Stronger stuff gets relegated to liquor stores and licensed establishments.

7. Utah
Restaurant patrons in Utah cannot purchase alcohol without also purchasing food. In 2013 state legislature had to clarify this law to allow waiters to serve drink orders while customers looked over the menu.

So there you have seven reasons why being a beer lover in South Africa is best.

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