Are Beers and Braais Bad for you?

Are Beers And Braais Bad?

Beers and braais - are they bad for you?

Dear Dave,
I suppose I’m what you’d call your typical South African oke. Problem is, my brother in law recently contracted the Big C (he’s going to be okay, by the way) and now my wife thinks that braais are bad and is making me eat things like steamed chicken breasts and is only allowing me a stingy glass of wine with my dinner. Sure I’m worried about my health, but is there no way that I can continue living my life of beers and braais without the carcinogens?

Howzit Bertus,

First the good news. Just because another dude caught cancer doesn't mean that you will. Hell, you guys aren’t even blood-relations so depending on your own family history you could be in the clear. That said, braai’d meat does increase your chance of certain cancers, but here’s the good news - you can reduce this by marinating your meat in beer. You see, when meat is cooked at a high temperature it leads to the formation of cancer causing substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Which are bad. Fortunately some men in white coats were kind enough to find a way for us to braai our meat and eat it, minus those nasty PAHs. Marinating meat in different beers the scientists found that a dark beer was the most effective in reducing the PAH’s, actually halving them. So there you go, reason number three thousand why you should always make sure you have beer at your braai.


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