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Backyard Pub Sheds

Backyard Pub Sheds

Picture this. It’s a Tuesday. You’ve just got home from a hellacious work day. Your normal hour commute took a whopping three because a super considerate truck driver decided to decorate a low hanging bridge with the top half of his trailer.

“I need a pint,” you think to yourself.

Dropping your laptop bag on the couch, you head for the sliding door that leads to your back garden. Tucked in the corner, a rather small and unassuming structure sits. There’s a sign on door.

“Black Horse Pub”

You smile, unlock the door and step inside. In front of you sits a four line u-bar atop a smooth oak bar counter.

“I’ll take a lager,” you snicker to yourself as you grab a barstool.

“I wonder who won the game.”

Pouring yourself a full pint, you switch on the 55″ flat screen and flick to SuperSport.


“I should call Mike.”

If this sounds like an epic way to spend the evening, you’re in luck. Backyard pub sheds are a reality, and probably one of the coolest things to hit your outdoor space since slip n slides.

And this isn’t just for the people with massive gardens and fat wallets. Garden sheds are surprisingly affordable and you can dress yours up or down as much as you’d like.

You’ll be the envy of all your friends! And best of all, no inflated bar prices, no expensive taxi rides, and your pub will always have YOUR favourite pint.

Interested in building your own? Here’s an article with some great inspiration, so get to planning!

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