South African Craft Beer Pub Guide: Banana Jam Cafe

Banana Jam Cafe

Banana Jam Cafe

Each week we profile the best places in South Africa to drink craft beer. This week, we visit the Banana Jam Cafe.

Tucked away in the Southern Suburbs is an island oasis called Banana Jam Cafe. With chilled vibes, exceptional Caribbean fare, and 30 beers on tap, Banana Jam Cafe is a craft beer lover’s destination.Inspired by his surf trips (#surfbeertravel) to the Caribbean, owner Greg Casey set out to bring a slice of island life back to South Africa. Fifteen years later, this 180 seater boasts both inside and outside areas, spit pig on the deck every Thursday evening, and Jamaican braai events all summer long.

One of the first venues to stock Devil’s Peak, the Jam offers First Light and Blockhouse, with Explorer Series and specialty brews often making an appearance. In 2013, patrons helped us choose the best incarnation of our now famous Black IPA, and we’ve even been featured as brewery of the month!

Our Top 3 Food Picks:

Crazy Goat Currie – “A Jamaican favourite, curried goat (made with lamb when goat is not available), served with Jamaican rice ‘n peas.”

El Presidente – “Grilled chicken, wholegrain mustard, chorizo, grilled jalapeños and Swiss cheese.”

Pulled Pork Pizza – “Slow cooked pulled pork with red onions on our famous pizza base.”

Our Top DPBC Beer and Food Pairing: Crazy Goat Currie with the King’s Blockhouse IPA

“All goats will be curried.”

That’s what the sign on the wall reads, and there’s good reason. This Jamaican staple is our favourite menu item. And as all beer lovers will know, nothing goes better with a punchy, spicy curry than a bold, hoppy, American IPA. South Africa’s favourite, the King’s Blockhouse, is the perfect accompaniment to this mind blowing meal. We’d suggest a 330ml while you wait, and a 500ml to help power through the heat. Not to be missed!


Website: Banana Jam Cafe

Address: 157 Second Ave, Harfield Village, Kenilworth, Cape Town

Contact: 021 674 0186

Hours: Mon-Sat: 11:00a-11:30p, Sun: 5:00p-11:30p

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