Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar

Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar

Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar

Sometimes you’re in a mood for something a bit more refined. Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar in the Oude Bank Building is the perfect blend of wine, beer and bubbles.

This cozy space, located on Bird Street in the vibrant wineland town of Stellenbosch, is the ideal spot for a quick pint or glass of exceptional wine. Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar was opened in 2013 by Bartinney Wines, a long established farm on the slopes of Botmaskop. Panelled in strips of oak used in wine vats and dotted with vintage chairs, this indoor space is as inviting as it is authentic. The soft glow afforded by a chandelier made from the vines of an uprooted Sauvignon Blanc vine is the icing on the cake.

Bartinney likes to keep things light on the food offerings, and that suits us just fine. Light snacks include cheese, olives and biltong, and the meat platter will do nicely if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial.

This bar knows exactly what it is, and the drinks menu reflects just that. They are very select with what they stock, and it is refreshing to see such decisiveness in a scene often cluttered with 10+ page drink menus. Devil’s Peak is available along with Bartinney and Noble Savage wines. MCC is also available and French Champaign if you’re in the mood to celebrate.

Our Top 3 Food Picks:

Blue Cheese Olives

Meat Platter

Cheese Platter

Our Top DPBC Beer and Food Pairing: Cheese Platter with Devil’s Peak Brewery’s Silvertree Saison

Cheese is one of our favourite accompaniments to beer! This selection of artisanal delights is superb with the light, crisp, refreshing taste of our Silvertree Saison.


Website: Bartinney Wine and Champagne Bar

Address: Oude Bank Building, 5 Bird Street, Stellenbosch

Contact: (071) 250 5814

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 1130 – 2100

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