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Beer and Cheese Pairing

Beer and Cheese Pairing

Beer and cheese pairing is one of the best ways to introduce the art of matching your favourite food flavours with your favourite beer.

Believe it or not, there are over 1700 types of cheeses in the world that you can pair with almost 100 styles of beer! A staggering number of combinations to be sure, but some will really shine while others can fall a bit flat.

But fear not, we’ve put together a quick guide to pairing some readily available styles with cheeses you should be able to pick up at your local supermarket.

Beer and Cheese Pairing Guide

Mild Cheddar – England | Cow’s Milk | Buttery, Milky, Subtle

Pairs well with: American Brown Ale, English Brown Ale

Farmhouse Cheddar – England | Cow’s Milk | Smooth

Pairs well with: American IPA, English IPA

Sharp Cheddar – United States | Cow’s Milk | Sharp, Sweet

Pairs well with: American Pale Ale

Chevre – France | Goat’s Milk | Earthy, Tangy, Tart

Pairs well with: Wheat beer, Saison

Havarti – United States | Cow’s Milk | Buttery, Creamy

Pairs well with: Pilsner

Washed-Rind Cheeses (Titlist, Gruyere and Raclette) – France | Cow’s Milk | Nutty, Sharp, Sweet

Pairs well with: Belgian Trappist Ale

Aged Gouda – Netherlands | Cow/Goat/Sheep Milk | Burnt Caramel, Full-Flavoured

Pairs well with: Stout

Aged Swiss – United States | Cow’s Milk | Nutty, Sweet

Pairs well with: Bock Beers

Blue Cheese – International | Cow/Goat/Sheep Milk | Salty, Sharp, Strong

Pairs well with: American IPA, Stout

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