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Beer Beats Drone

A well aimed beer from Trash Talk’s bass player, Spencer Pollard, has knocked down a drone filming footage of the punk rock show.

After being hired to fly and videotape an indoor skateboard event, the photographer watched as the punk rocker brought down his drone with what he described as a “very limp-wristed toss” of a beer can.

Sticks and stones, pal. A full beer to your drone though, that’s going to hurt!

And, sure, Pollard missed his first two shots, but we think that one out of three is not bad at all. Knocking that obnoxious children’s toy out of the sky with a full can of brew? Hell, that’s a pretty cool beer moment right there!

Hopefully the well timed lob teaches the photographer to next time ask before he gets his buzz on all up in a punk rocker’s grill. I mean, is it not bad enough that performers now have to deal with a crowd snapping selfies from the front row instead of throwing the horns? Punk rock is pure and primal and having the buzz of a drone just a few feet away from where you’re rocking out just won’t do.


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