3 Beer Bottle Tricks: Win Free Beer

3 Beer Bottle Tricks: Win Free Beer

Beer bottle tricks are a great way to make yourself some free money for beer – especially now that the holidays are over and the reality of your Christmas overspend has hit you like a ton of bricks.

What’s the worst part of being broke? You’ve got no beer money! But fear not – we’ve got your back with some beer bottle tricks that will have you drinking for free in no time.

Without further ado, here are 3 Beer Bottle Tricks to help you win FREE BEER!

Beer bottle trick #1: The beer drinking race you’re guaranteed to win.

-The Setup: Grab a couple of beer bottles and a bendy straw (make sure it’s at least as tall as your bottle). Set pint glasses next to the bottles.

-The Challenge: Without moving the bottles (imagine they’re glued to the table), be first to get all the beer from your bottle into the pint glass. You must use the straw!

Check the video above.

Beer bottle trick #2. Hold an open beer bottle upside down without spilling

Can you hold an open beer bottle upside down without spilling it? Diamond Jim Tyler can! Watch this episode and he’ll show you how to do this great beer bottle trick, too.

Beer bottle trick #3. Lift a beer bottle with a straw

-The Setup: Grab two straws and an empty beer bottle. On the straws, mark a “no man’s land” of about 2-3 inches in the middle. Make a small “wall” on the table with a third empty bottle laying on its side.

-The Rules: No one is allowed to touch anything in this “no man’s land” area on either straw. Each independent side of the straw can touch either your fingers or the beer bottle, but no one side can touch both you and the bottle at the same time.

-The Challenge: Staying within these rules, use the straws to pick up the bottle off the table, carry it over the wall, and land it safely on the other side.

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