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26 Interesting Beer Facts

We’ve all been there. Sitting at your local, with a hint of smug self-satisfaction, your buddy starts rattling off beer facts (including the ideal mash temperature of the beer on which you’re quietly sipping).

Your eyes narrow.

“Beer geeks,” you mumble under your breath.

“And did you know it was actually in 1476 that blaaaaah, blaaaaaaaah, another round of beer facts because I know more about beer than anyone else here, and the ladies are loving it.

Another cool sip goes down as you grimace.

“That is  actually pretty interesting,” you begrudgingly admit to yourself.

But how does one acquire such knowledge? To become a beer geek, must you thumb through countless pages of long, dry books on the subject? The weight of the science slowing ebbing away at your love of the end product. A quiet desperation grips you. You’ll never be able to remember all this junk!

Or you could simply check out this kick ass video we found for you. From beer zero to hero in less than eight minutes. You. Are. Welcome.

(Source: http://youtu.be/XztPtK7yAUk)

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