Beer and Food Pairings: First Light

Beer and Food Pairings: First Light

Fresh Yellow Tail

First Light Golden Ale – the ultimate summer session beer. With its smooth body and clean, crisp finish, it’s no wonder this beauty from Devil’s Peak has become go-to for hot days and long nights.

As summer rolls in and the Webers come out, we thought it appropriate to school you on a couple of braai food pairings that can take your beer experience to the next level.

Chicken: Whether you prefer juicy, delicious chunks or delicate kebabs, chicken is your First Light’s best friend. We recommend keeping it light and fresh. Don’t slather it in a thick, tangy, barbecue sauce or you’ll end up nuking your taste buds. Instead, drizzle that bird in some olive oil, grate on some lime zest and sprinkle just a hint of paprika. These clean and delicious flavours will complement the sessionable nature of your golden ale. If you want to make your chicken the star of the show, you can always fall back on a braai staple – the beer can chicken. Use your favourite dry rub, half a can of First Light, and smoke it low and slow until you’ve reached 83°C in the thigh and 74°C in the breast. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Fish: Digging deep into your spirit for adventure and exploration, you braved the frigid waters of the Cape to spear your dinner. Or maybe you just snagged some sustainable fish from your local monger. Either way, the ocean provides some of the best food for pairing with session ales like First Light. Our brewer Al (pictured above with his latest prize) is an avid spear fisherman. Here’s what he had to say about preparing your catch.

“I like to keep it really simple. Yellow tail cubes, green veggies, salt, pepper, lemon and butter. A great tasting fish doesn’t need dressing up.”

Salad: I know. A salad won’t go on the Weber. It will, however, pair beautifully with a First Light and serve as an excellent side dish. Pack it with tons of leafy greens and drizzle with a Mediterranean or classic vinaigrette. A Caesar is also a great option, especially when adding a bit of that pulled, smoke chicken to the mix.

So what’s the hold up? Get into the ocean or down to the store – it’s time for a braai and beer pairing!

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