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Beer Pong

beer pong

Beer pong is a fantastic way to show off your athleticism while drinking. All you need is some beer, a ping pong ball, a table, somebody to play with and enough coordination to land the ball in a cup of beer on the far end of the table.

The game is much better if played in two teams of two players. Simply set up 10 cups in a triangle formation on each side of the table and then takes turns attempting to throw ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. If a ball lands in a cup, the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team and the cup is removed from the table. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups is the winner.

Here’s your checklist:

Half-fill several plastic draught cups with beer.
This depends on A. How much beer you have, B. How long you intend on playing for and C. How much you can drink. So feel free to vary the amount of beer per cup. Just as long as each team has the same amount of beer in each cup, you’re cool.

Prepare a clean-up bucket.
Nobody wants to drink dirty beer. So a bucket of water, will go a long way in rinsing cups and cleaning up balls.

Set up the cups.
Arrange the plastic cups in 10-cup triangle at each end of the table. You can also do 6-cups.

Determine who goes first.
Flip for it. Rock, paper, scissors. Do a down-down. How you determine who throws first is totally up to you.

Throw the balls into cups.
Now try and lob the ping pong ball across the length of the table and into the opposing team’s cup. If you’d prefer to bounce the ball into the cup, fine. If you’d like to make different techniques mean different thing, that’s okay. If you want to play freestyle. We’re cool with that, too. This isn’t the army, this is beer pong. It’s about fun.

Drink up!
This is non-negotiable. So the ball bounced off of a player and landed in a cup and now you won’t drink? Boo-hoo. If a cup contains a ball then that cup must be drunk.

• A lobbed ball that lands in a cup is worth one drink.
A bounced or deflected ball that lands in a cup is worth two drinks.
If a team throws two balls that both land in the same cup, that shot is worth 3 drinks.

Remove cups.
At the end of a round, each cup containing a ball is drunk by the opposing team, and is thus removed from the table. The remaining cups stay in their place. Usually, each team is allowed two “re-racks” per game, in which the opposing team is required to rearrange their cups in a pattern such as a diamond.

The object of the game is make a ball in each of your opponent’s cups. If there are no cups left, congratulations, you’ve won.

Loser keeps the table.

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