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Beer Taste For Champagne Money

moody tongue

R1300 for a bottle of beer?!

We don’t know if the taste justifies the price, but what we can tell you is that this is the most expensive craft beer in the world.

32-year old Jared Rouben is the brewmaster responsible and reckons that his ingredients, “the finest in the world”, justify the hefty price tag.

They are aromatic “noble” hops from Germany, Pilsen malt and hand-shaved black truffles from Australia-based Wine and Truffle Company.

Truffles can sell for up to 80 grand a kilo, so using them as an ingredient is already playing with fire.

Still, hats off to Roubens for pushing the envelope. His first batch from his Moody Tongue Brewing Company in Chicago is pretty small, just 40 barrels, and the brewer likens his all-nighters spent shaving truffles to separating egg yolks from egg whites by the hundreds.

The beer made it’s debut at the top-ranked, Michelin-rated restaurant, Per Se, where it was paired with roasted bitter chocolate and truffle black pudding with brioche cream, walnut floss and green almonds.

Dunno about you, but for now we’ll just stick to our local, The Taproom, where we pair the winning combination of South Africa’s Best Beer, The King’s Blockhouse, and Cape Town’s best burger.


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