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Brewing Legend

Brewing Legend

As some of you may have heard, one of our brewers, Alastair Gillespie, is taking his career in an exciting new direction. And while we will miss this invaluable member of our team, we’re also very excited to see what the future holds for this talented young man!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Al to chat about what’s next for the bearded brewing legend.

Mitch: What have you learned in your time working at Devil’s Peak?

Al: The most important thing that I’ve learned is the importance of consistency. To constantly maintain the highest possible level of sanitation, to test experiments/theories and new recipes critically and thoroughly and to record the results of all that you do. Sharing this kind of information helps everyone and moves the whole industry forward.

I’ve most enjoyed making experimental batches. The smaller, more “way out there” recipes that have gone right. Sharing them with friends and colleagues is so rewarding and never gets old.

I will miss our barrel aged program. I love seeing the progression of the beers whilst they are in barrel and anxiously waiting for the re-fermentation in the bottle to see the final product.

Mitch: What’s next in your brewing career?

Al: I’m going to join Byron Bay Brewing Company as Head Brewer. Its a brewpub that’s doing about 8000L a month. I’ll be solely responsible for all the production, and I look forward to learning while facing new challenges. (It’s also close to the beach and the water is warm!)

Mitch: What will you miss most about South Africa?

Al: My friends, and uncrowded surf spots.

Mitch: Any messages for loyal DPBC fans?

Al: Thank you! The most rewarding and fun part of my job has been getting your feedback. Keep demanding the best possible beer!

Think you have what it takes to fill the shoes of a legend? We’re hiring another brewer, and we’re looking for insanely talented, qualified candidates.

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