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Brewing with Barth Haas & Africa Hops

Barth Haas

Last week, our head brewer JC had a chance to brew with Barth Haas and Africa Hops!

Africa Hops is our local hop agent while the Barth Haas Group is the world’s largest supplier of hop products and services. They focus on hop production and breeding, hop processing, hop storage and R&D for technologies that can be applied to the brewing industry. It has offices and operations in Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and China. These guys know their stuff!

JC explains a little bit about the brew below.

“What was interesting is we brewed a beer without any hops in the kettle. Instead, we used hop extracts to achieve the bitterness and the aroma/flavour that the hops would normally impart. One of the batches will be dry hopped with Equinox (a new variety from the US) after the fermentation is complete, while the other tank will remain as is. This should give us a great idea of how these extracts work. We are very excited to see the results! The beer will be ready in about 2 weeks and will be on tap at The Taproom,” says JC.

A beer that’s made without hops? It sounds like madness, but it’s a technique we’re keen to learn more about!

Watch our social spaces for updates on when this unique brew will be available at The Taproom.  

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