The Bruges Beer Pipeline

The Bruges Beer Pipeline

bruges beer

A Bruges beer pipeline? Perhaps this would cheer up Colin Farrell’s cranky character in the movie In Bruges?

Belgium’s medieval town of Bruges has come up with a way to keep delivery trucks off of it’s cobbled streets – a beer pipeline that will link a five-century-old brewery to a bottling factory nearby.

The three-kilometre underground pipeline will keep 500 trucks, 85 percent of the town’s lorry traffic, out of the city by linking the De Halve Maan brewery to an industrial park where the beer will be bottled and shipped to thirsty drinkers worldwide, the company’s director Xavier Vanneste told AFP.

The Bruges beer has been brewed on site for nearly 500 years and 100,000 tourists visit the premises every year, a major stop on tours of the town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

“We always wanted to keep the beer brewed at the historic site, even after the bottling was moved out of town in 2010,” said local official Franky Demon.
But to avoid harming the city’s gothic facades and medieval belfry, pipeline construction will use some of the latest technologies perfected for the transport of oil and gas.

Construction is expected to begin next year.

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