Can I drink beer and still lose weight?

Can I Fight Fat While Drinking Beer?

Of course you can drink beer and fight fat at the same time

Dear Dave,
I’ve been trying to lose some weight and while it’s taken a bit of an adjustment it seems to be working. Now I want to keep the weight off, but problem is, my friends are all still the same beer-chugging, fried-food ordering guys. I still want to socialize with these cats, but how can I do it when our lifestyles are no longer compatible? Also, do I need to quit drinking beer altogether and if so, then what are the alternatives? I mean, can I fight fat while drinking beer?


Research suggests that guys consume almost 20 percent more calories when they eat with same-sex friends than when they dine solo. If your crew are on wings and ribs and ordering things like the Kentucky Fried Waffle then you’ll want those too. Also, we’re competitive with most things, eating included, so we tend to overindulge when we're with the guys. Still, these are your boys, the guys you've known all your life, dudes that accepted you even when you were portly. You shouldn't be on the lookout for a new crew, instead you should be honest with them and ask for their support. So the next time you're out, before the waiter even appears, mention that you’ll be going for the grilled chicken salad. The other guys may grill you. But some might jump right in and emulate your healthy choice. Remember, you’re your own man, man. And now the big one. Beer. Do you need to quit it altogether? Hell no you don't. You just need to make some smart choices. And that doesn't mean drinking light-beer, either. Instead of doing sessions like you used to, you should instead use beer as a reward. Gone are the days of necking a 6-pack of lagers while watching the game, now you may have one or two with your, healthier dinner option. So spoil yourself and choose something flavoursome and worth savouring.


Dave’s a barman. Dave stays sober while you get drunk. Dave is part philosopher, part marriage counselor, part shrink and part priest. Dave serves them all. From guys celebrating the news that they’re going to be a dad, to the dude that just got laid off. You got a problem you ask Dave.

One Comment on “Can I Fight Fat While Drinking Beer?

  1. Maybe, if I may include my view…

    So you are at the braai, the beer is flowing. You’ve had your allocated 2 beers but crave social liquid while you discuss what happened with the bulls in today’s game, so you head for the tap to fill your glass with water.
    Think about your braai food. You have rice, or pap. maybe a potato salad. Wife is busy slapping together some braai broodtjies. You were going to eat all of those. trade your rice or pap for for another beer. Crave another? Oh well there goes the potato salad.
    Then finaly, if you really really have to, trade your braai broodties for the last beer. But think carefully. It needs to be a really special beer to give up those cheesy peppery braai broodtjies. That leaves with with a nice steak and some salad. nothing wrong with that!

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