Is Canned Beer Inferior To Bottled Beer?

Is Canned Beer Inferior To Bottled Beer?

Is canned beer inferior to bottled beer?

Dear Dave,
Okay, quick one. I've always assumed that green bottles were superior to brown bottles and then the craft beer movement happened and now brown bottles are more often far superior than the previously premium green ones... Now I do a lot of festivals where glass is often banned from the general camping areas. Which makes sense as nobody wants to go and lose themselves in front of the main-stage only to have a piece of glass embedded in their bare-feet. (I'm part of the trance-scene and bare-feet is quite a thing.) Anyway, this is going on longer than it should, my question is - is canned beer inferior to bottled beer?

Hey Gav,

My dad only drinks tins. Swears by them. He likes his beer fizzy, yellow, ice cold and slightly tinny tasting. Even though that metallic taste is all in his head... (Water-based linings on the inside of the can and it’s lid protect the beer from contact with the aluminium can). Now, tins are great because they’re 100% protected from light, oxygen can’t get into the can like it does with caps and corks, they’re more durable, lighter and cool down quicker than bottles do. They're also easier to pack, harder to break and kinder on the environment. So why hasn’t any local craft done a can yet? Probably because it's more expensive and would require a canning production facility. That said, I'd rather drink my beer of choice out of a boot than sip on something substandard from a chalice... However, with the way things are going and craft beer growing like it is, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw cans of craft in the not too distant future. Watch this space.


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  1. ‘Craft cans’ are certainly the in thing at the moment here in London a few smaller breweries have invested in their own canning lines whilst others send their beer away to be canned by others. the problem with this is that you have to have a minimum of 2500 cans being filled at one time(just an example number) and canning lines do tend to take up quite a bit of space that most breweries would rather put FV’s in, instead.
    I’d have to agree with Dave here though, as long as the beer is tasting superb, who cares how it’s packaged?

  2. And what kind of chemicals are in the lining of the can? I still taste the metallic taste anyway even if it is in my head. Give me glass anytime.

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