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Which Beer Should Successful Men Drink?

Which beer should successful men drink?

Dear Dave, I’m 35, married, own my own house, drive a luxury German sedan, am thinking about having kids in the next year or so and was recently promoted to top of my division at work. I’m looking… Read More

Are Beers And Braais Bad?

Beers and braais - are they bad for you?

Dear Dave, I suppose I’m what you’d call your typical South African oke. Problem is, my brother in law recently contracted the Big C (he’s going to be okay, by the way) and now my wife thinks that… Read More

Can runners still drink beer?

Can runners still drink beer?

Dear Dave, I’d been training to run my first half marathon, which went well by the way, and now I’m hooked on running. Which is great and all, but problem is that I can no longer drink like… Read More