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International Beer Day

international beer day

Hey beer lovers, this is just a friendly reminder that today is International Beer Day. So yes, Beer-0-clock officially started at breakfast… International Beer Day is a global event founded in 2007 and now celebrated in pubs, bars… Read More

The London Beer Flood

London beer flood

You’d think that a Tsunami of beer would make for a pretty cool beer moment, but you’d be wrong. 200 years ago a “compromised” vat holding a million pints of beer, burst, setting off a chain reaction in… Read More

DPBC Wins Annual Craft Brewers Championships

Kings Blockhouse wins Craft Championships

Our King’s Blockhouse has won the annual Craft Brewers Championships. This from the press-release that the sponsor, SAB, sent out… Cape Town’s Devil’s Peak Brewing Company claimed the leading position in the beer category for its King’s Blockhouse,… Read More

How Beer Helped Usher In Civilisation As We Know It

cave man beer

The origins of beer are a mystery. What we do know is this – Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers foraged for food and hunted meat until the Neolithic period, when man realized that he could grow his own. But what made… Read More

Beer Beats Drone

A well aimed beer from Trash Talk’s bass player, Spencer Pollard, has knocked down a drone filming footage of the punk rock show. After being hired to fly and videotape an indoor skateboard event, the photographer watched as… Read More

DPBC Features In GQ Magazine

Brewing Legend

Can a ginger with a big bushy beard, wearing gumboots, make it into South Africa’s style bible, GQ magazine? Well, if you pick up GQ Magazine’s August 2014 issue you’ll see that our resident Beardo, and fine-featured brewer,… Read More

Smartphone Controlled Beer Brewing

The problem with home brewing is that you’re not always at home. If you want to make the type of beer that wins home brewing competitions, then you’re going to have to constantly monitor everything while keeping careful… Read More

Cool Beer Moment: Man Pours Beer With His Head

Going bald sucks. However, when you use your chrome dome to win bar bets and wow all the people at your local, that’s cool. We’ll drink to this guy who puts a new meaning to the term “good… Read More

Cool Beer Moment: Crab Steals Beer

In today’s Cool Beer Moment, watch a crab steal a beer. So many questions… Like, why did that crab even want the empty beer bottle? Why didn’t the guy filming turn his phone horizontally so that we could… Read More

Beer For Dessert

beer desert

You already know that beer makes a champion breakfast. But what about beer as a frosty treat? Enter the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker from Kirin, which will add a frozen head to your favorite craft beer. The clincher?… Read More