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Beer Vs Wine

Beer Vs Wine

Beer vs wine Which is better? What should you be drinking? Who would win in a bar fight? Look, not everything in life needs to be a competition, we can all get along, there’s more than enough space… Read More

Devil’s Peak International Beer Day Quiz

Devil's Peak Lager

Beer In A Glass Of Its Own


No craft beer enthusiast should ever accept their passion to be poured into anything that doesn’t respect the brew. The correct glassware will concentrate and intensify the aromas of the beer so that you can enjoy your craft… Read More

Craft Beer In Your Kitchen

You’ve got a coffee machine in your kitchen, right? Next year you might just have craft beer on tap, too! SYNEK, a startup that launched on Kickstarter takes vacuum-sealed bags of beer and pumps in carbonation. Kind of… Read More

Beer: The Best Medicine

A doctor recommending beer to his patient was perfectly normal one hundred years ago. This Schlitz ad from 1904 has the quack endorsing beer. So why is it good for you? Well, like the ad says, “The hops… Read More

The Health Benefits Of Beer

healthy beer

Is beer a health drink? In two large studies reported on in the Wall Street journal, researchers found that beer reduced hypertension and lowered the risk of heart disease. One of the studies suggested that beer may even… Read More

The World Cup of Beer

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 1.50.57 PM

The clever dudes over at The Big Lead have taken the World Cup Football pools and represented each country by it’s top-selling beer. Look, there’s no craft, but it’s still cool to familiarize yourself with the 32 footballing… Read More

What Is Dry Hopping?


So everyone knows brewers use hops in beer. The magical little cones, or their easier to store pellet counterparts, are essential to adding both bitterness and delightful aromas to all styles of beers. Some more so than others,… Read More

Beer Pong

beer pong

Beer pong is a fantastic way to show off your athleticism while drinking. All you need is some beer, a ping pong ball, a table, somebody to play with and enough coordination to land the ball in a… Read More

The Beer Mile


It was quite a big deal when Roger Bannister ran the first sub-four-minute mile 60-years ago, so kudos to Roger Bannister! But even better is how a Canadian named James Nielson recently completed the first sub-five-minute beer mile.