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Cold War Stout

Cold War Stout

We’ve been hinting at the release of our 2014 Homebrew Competition collaboration “Cold War Stout” for a few weeks now, and some of you are getting down right impatient.

But fear not, friends! This delicious Russian Imperial Stout, the winner of last year’s #DPBC Homebrew Competition, has emerged from barrel and is in the process of systematically blowing the minds of everyone who tries it.

“Well . . . what does it taste like?”

A silly question! What is the smell of the morning dew on Table Mountain? Put into words the exhilaration of man’s first flight. Count the points of every star in the sky. Thus is the Cold War Stout.

It’s good, bru.

So you can continue to sit at your computer and read my long-winded, self-indulgent write up . . . or you can go to The Taproom to enjoy one of the most complex, interesting beers to come out of Devil’s Peak.

Actually – I’m going to make that decision for you. It’s Friday, you haven’t made lunch plans and you’re going to need a pint! Do it.

On Draft: The Taproom and Banana Jam Cafe 

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