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Cool Beer Label

cool beer label

Phineas X Jones is the artist behind Half Acre Brewing Company’s cool beer labels.

From a little kid that was always doodling, Phineas X Jones then went to art school, worked in advertising and web design, moved on to screen printing until finally a guy that ran a brewery saw one of his prints and asked him to do a label for them.

Now Phineas X Jones pens his wild styles for the guys over at Half Acre, where him and the president of the brewery have back and forth conversations about kittens destroying fairytale castles…

And if punters are looking forward to the new labels as much as they are the new brew, well, then Phineas X Jones is doing something right.

So who does he think is getting it right when it comes to other brand’s beer labels?
PXJ: Three Floyds is always doing interesting stuff with their labels. In a way, they were sort of the leaders in making beer labels that were more than just retail branding. Solemn Oath has a very specific and distinctive look going these days. And Off-Color is doing sort of the opposite tack from that end, making really simple, almost naive-looking designs but they’re still really recognizable. It’s interesting seeing different places trying to establish a recognizable voice in their design now that craft beer is becoming such a crowded world and since people are actually starting to talk about design as an aspect of that.

We’ll be sure to keep a lookout for those.


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