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Craft Beer Drinker

“I am a craft beer drinker.”

The mantra of this independently produced video about the passion of the people who drive this industry.

In South Africa, much like our American counterparts, the craft beer revolution is steaming ahead under the power of devoted fans. Not only beer nerds and BJCP competition judges, but regular people, just like you and me. People who demand more from a draft than its temperature. People who demand more choice at their bottle shops. And people who demand a challenge of the status quo, and moreover, innovation from the breweries they support.

Devil’s Peak drinkers are not a number on a spreadsheet. They’re not a statistic at a shareholders meeting. They are the reason we brew exceptional beer – beer as it should be.

Thank you for being a part of the #DPBC family by saying, “I am a craft beer drinker.”

Please help us spread the word and bring craft beer education to South Africa!

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