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Craft Beer Rising London

Craft Beer Rising

With a bag filled to the brim with merchandise, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was en-route to London for Craft Beer Rising (CBR). In its fourth year running, CBR represents over 150 London UK and International Craft Beer Breweries held at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. As the only exhibitor from South Africa, DPBC were set to hit dreary London and CBR head on. The DPBC crew was hosted by UK born brewery, Charles Wells Brewing, in the week leading up to the festival, and Shoreditch is the perfect temporary home for a Craft Beer enthusiast. Surrounded by independent shops, beautiful street art, amazing markets and some of the best bars and restaurants in the world, CBR was almost put on the backburner. The evolution from traditional English Pub to independent bars embracing Craft Beer was experienced first-hand. The area is definitely setting the pace for food, wine and beer trends. Cocktail bars were also in high supply and provided the perfect alternative to a week consumed by beer drinking.

Finally, the weekend rolled in and the beer tasting could commence. DPBC shared a stall with Charles Wells Brewing and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback on the entire range of beer. From South African expats and beer lovers to hardcore beer aficionados and local brewers, the stream of people complimenting the Devil’s Peak beer was never-ending. The King’s Blockhouse faced some of the best IPA’s and never backed down! The Vin De Saison was a festival favourite and clearly shot some lights out as the queue snaked out beyond the door for a taste.

Live music and delicious dishes from street-food vendors added to this epic festival. Engaging with the local beer drinkers gave a lot of insight into how has evolved in the UK. The British beer consumers know their Amber Ale from their Pale Ale and know what style they prefer. Still they received DPBC with open arms and absolutely loved that the beer traveled thousands of miles to the UK.

The highlight of the festival was being able to network and interact with brewers and other craft breweries. The history is always the same; no matter if you’re located at the tip of Africa or the West Coast of the States . . .

As the weekend drew to a close, the famous saying “All’s well, that ends well”. DPBC had resounding success at Craft Beer Rising and came back after experiencing a great vibe, an extensive variety of beers and a knowledgeable crowd of beer drinkers.

Our sincere thanks to Charles Wells, Craft Beer Rising, and all of our new friends for making it such a memorable experience. See you next year! Cheers!

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