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Devil’s Peak 667

Devil's Peak 667

When two brands as fiercely authentic as Devil’s Peak Brewing Company and Jameson Irish Whiskey collaborate, you know the result is going to be something truly fantastic. Devil’s Peak 667 is the product of that vision.

By combining a specially brewed Irish Red Ale from the mind of our head brewer with a whiskey soaked cask from the Jameson, we were able to make a bold beer for fearless individuals.

Inspired by the Cape legend of Jan van Hunk, a man who out smoked the devil in an epic battle lasting six hundred and sixty seven days, we created 667 to honour those who face their fear by edging out the darkness.

The project started in early 2015 with a meeting between our brewers and the master whiskey makers of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Jameson was interested in collaborating with a brand who embraced their ethos – sine meto – which means “without fear.” This has been their family’s motto since the first drops were bottled in 1780, and emphasises living life to its fullest. At Devil’s Peak, we’re all about taking life by the horns, and it was decided that the two brands needed to combine their creative talents to make something incredible.

“I didn’t want to make something that had no relevance to Jameson. I wanted to make a beer that would tie us to them – something that would link South Africa with Ireland. So what I decided to do was make an Irish Red Ale, which has its roots in Ireland, and use South African malts and hops to make this beer,” says Devil’s Peak Brewer, JC Steyn.

“The freedom they gave us was one hundred percent. It was great to allow us that freedom to do what we found exciting and interesting in order to create this beer.”

After 67 days, what started as an Irish Red Ale emerged from Jameson Irish Whiskey casks as Devil’s Peak 667. This spectacular collaboration saw a very limited release in Cape Town and Johannesburg and was received as one of the most exciting things to come out of the South African beer scene in 2016.

Ready for more? We’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more exciting projects from the producers of South Africa’s best beer.

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