Devil's Peak Brewing Company Crack The Taste 100 List

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company Crack The Taste 100 List

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We were stoked to see that South Africa’s finest craft beer, ahem, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, naturally, made the Taste 100 list.

But before we backslap ourselves, a massive congratulations to Woolworths Taste magazine for achieving their milestone 100th issue!

For this special collector’s issue, the team compiled the Taste 100 List, which is a collection of the most popular food, tips, products, books, ingredients, recipes and drinks.

taste 100 list

If you can’t read the copy here, buy the special collector’s issue, and if for some reason you can’t do that, because you know, beer money and stuff, then here’s what they had to say about us:

“DRINK: artisanal pale ales, stouts and Pilsners are here to stay as South africa’s love affair with top-notch, micro-produced beers grows ever stronger. the taste team is quite partial to Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse and…”


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