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Our Story

Beer in South Africa has for far too long been a one trick pony where the consumer was being denied the awesomeness that is real beer. This is our story of how we’re disrupting the industry.

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was born in the craft beer revolution where it is proud to have a part in educating the South African beer consumers on the variety and quality that exists across the beer landscape.

In March of 2012, after two years of business case development, recipe development, garage brewing, government applications, and acquiring the right talent, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was ready to show South Africa what it was capable of.

This is when First Light Golden Ale and King’s Blockhouse IPA were first introduced alongside our now retired Woodhead Amber Ale and SIlvertree Saison. We have since gone on to include Devil’s Peak Lager and Devil’s Peak Pale Ale in our year-round offerings.

It wasn’t too long before demand for Devil’s Peak was outstripping supply, so we decided to move from our small setup in Somerset West to a new production facility in Cape Town. This new space, with beautiful views of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain, is where we produce every litre of beer. We also decided it would be a great place to open our very own brewpub – The Taproom.

With our new facility, we were able to expand the scope of Devil’s Peak to include new beer styles. This started with our first barrel aged offering, the Vannie Hout. Allowed to rest in oak barrels for up to six months, this brett-infused, bottle conditioned specialty beer was released in limited quantities. The good news is our barrel program is growing and you can expect to see more Vannie Hout and other specialty styles launching with regularity.

The future for Devil’s Peak is bright. We have so many exciting things on the horizon for our fans and will continue to push the boundaries of craft beer in South Africa well into the future.