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Dove’s Peak Brewing Company?!

Devil's Peak

A group of Cape Town Christians, unhappy with the name of the mountain after whom we’re named, met with the Western Cape Provincial Geographical Names Committee (WCPGNC) on Friday, May 30, to propose the renaming of the mountain to Dove’s Peak.

Devil’s Peak has had a long list of names: A drawing in the journal of traveler and author, Sir Thomas Herbert, which is dated 1638, shows the peak named Herbert’s Mount; a  map dated 1657-1660 indicates the name as “Windberg / Duiwekop”; and in 1675 it was called King Charles Mount by English map and chart seller, John Sellar. Other names given to the peak include, inter alia, Blase Baltch and Mont du Vent (around 1691), and The Sugar Loaf (around 1777). There are also oral records of an indigenous name //Hui !Gaeb, which means ‘Place where the clouds gather’.

The present name, Devil’s Peak, was based on the legend of the 17th century Dutch pirate, Van Hunks, who, whilst sitting on the mountain one day, got into a smoking competition with a stranger, as one does, who then later revealed himself as the devil.

– via Gateway News

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