Explorer Series | Devil's Peak Brewing Company

Explorer Series

Explore the endless possibility of craft with beers that entice you into a realm of discovery and innovation. Introducing the Devil’s Peak Explorer Series.

Christmas Cake Stout
Complex array of aromas including Morello cherry, orange zest, cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla and brandy followed by a savoury yet smooth finish.

Juicy Lucy IPA
Hazy in appearance with a super intense hop aroma. An explosion of tropical fruits and citrus. Rich and juicy on the palate with heaps of flavour and intensity. Low in bitterness. Unfiltered and unhindered!

Love Parade Berliner Weisse
Light yellow in colour and jam packed with the aroma of passion fruit. Super fresh and zingy with a vibrant acidity, very low bitterness and light malt character making for a mouth-watering finish.

Strawberry Fields IPA
Light orange in colour, upfront hop aromas backed up by aromas of vibrant strawberry and hop derived tropical fruits.  Velvety, succulent palate with a medium to low bitterness level for an IPA.

Grapefruit Express IPA
Prominent hop aroma backed up by aromas of Ruby Grapefruit zest and citrus with a medium malt backbone. Juicy and luscious palate with a medium to low bitterness level for an IPA.

Night Owls
Upfront aromas of a harmonious marriage between fresh cherries and chocolate with nuances of roasted malt. Rich in body with a velvety finish and a low bitterness. Surprisingly fresh and vibrant.

Explorer Series beers are now available at League of Beers and will soon be available at other fine retail outlets.