#DPBC Father's Day Gifts

#DPBC Father’s Day Gifts

DPBC Father's Day Gifts

Your dad has done a lot for you. From dirty diapers and scraped knees to “that phase” you went through in matric . . . and lets not forget about the string of “real winners” you brought home to family dinners.


Yeah, the old man put up with a lot your nonsense, and it’s time to say thank you (even more than normal) with Father’s Day. And as much as we’re sure he’d appreciate another tie or set of 100% yack hair socks, he deserves a bit better than that – don’t you think?

Well never fear, I’ve dug deep within the recesses of Devil’s Peak Brewery’s talented team to get some top suggestions.

Are you ready to impress him? Here we go.

Top #DPBC Father’s Day Gifts:

Ernst (Operations Manager)

“Well that’s an easy one – a case of Devil’s Peak of course! What could possibly make a hard working man happier than 16 wonder filled bottles of the good stuff? If you’re not sure exactly what he likes, why not make your own mixed case? Just pop down to one of our retailers, mix/match, and stick a bow on top. Simple!”

JC (Head Brewer)

“If you got some spare cash lying around, how about a kegerator? What dad doesn’t want to be able to dispense fresh beer in his house, all day, everyday?”

Dan (Director)

“I think it would be cool to get your old man a home brewing kit  and spend a day brewing a beer together.”

Mitch (Digital)

“You didn’t think I was going to skip myself did you? Look, I’m even using quotes!”

“Father’s Day is easy for a #DPBC fan when The Taproom is within reach. Did you know we have a killer lineup of merchandise and gift vouchers? Well now you do!”

“If your dad is the outdoor type, why not set him up with a kick-ass trucker hat? If he’s a die hard craft beer connoisseur, there’s no better gift than a set of proper tasting glasses. We’ve got some beautiful tulips set aside for just such an occasion and you can pick them up at right now at The Taproom!”

There – that’s should at least get your brain ticking over in the right direction.

But we’ve got one more epic gift which is exclusive to DPBC that your dad is guaranteed to love. Want to know more? Check our social media this Friday, June 19th!

Image Credit: Cleveland.com and Fox / Matt Groening

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