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DPBC Features In GQ Magazine

Brewing Legend

Can a ginger with a big bushy beard, wearing gumboots, make it into South Africa’s style bible, GQ magazine?

Well, if you pick up GQ Magazine’s August 2014 issue you’ll see that our resident Beardo, and fine-featured brewer, Alastair Gillespie, is opening GQ’s craft beer feature. And he’s looking rather dashing in it too.

Want to know more? Of course you do. Make sure to get your hands on the latest issue to get all the details.

And that, beer-fans, is the power of our beer!

GQ Magazine Cover Aug 2014

* Here’s an offer you shouldn’t sleep on. For the month of August Alastair has committed to signing your copy of GQ if you bring it in to the Taproom.


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