Drinking At The Taproom Is Better For The Environment

Drinking At The Taproom Is Better For The Environment

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Did you know that the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company produces what is arguably the greenest beer in town?

Well now you do, and instead of tasting of bare feet, dream-catchers and forest discharge it’s absolutely delicious.

Why? Because The Taproom.

Sure, if you want to meet people and interact with the public, then open a brewpub, but somehow between all the banter the guys here still manage to brew the best beer possible. And the microbrewery does just that thanks to an ex wine-maker and a microbiologist.

So what makes The Taproom so green? Well, because they offer beer on site and a guaranteed outlet, there’s none of that hassle of looking for a place to sell the beer. Although that’s obviously not a problem, and fine establishments nationwide do supply the beer.

It’s also good maths. Lets say a bar buys a keg for X, they need to sell 30 draughts to cover the cost and the next 94 to cover expenses and make a profit. Not ones to compete with their own distributors, the Taproom makes those 94 pints come their way, meaning bigger profits and more bucks for brewing better beer.

The Taproom also becomes the brewers R&D lab. So that Al and JC can make a tweak, watch the reaction and learn from this. Customer feedback is essential to the core recipes.

Craft beer drinkers don’t mind sharing honest words about beer and are encouraged to give their feedback. The Taproom has helped to build an identity and a loyalty, with good interaction and support from regulars. Connecting a face to the brand means something. And it’s awesome to be able to visit and enjoy some beers in the same place where they were made. So don’t be shy, ask about what you’re drinking and why you’re drinking it.

And you don’t even have to hop in your vehicle to go find dinner. Try the menu and you’ll agree that the food on offer is on par with the beer. The power of pairing here is great, and you’ll most definitely want to line your stomach when you’re having a session at The Taproom.

Because remember, these aren’t your regular insipid watery lagers. No sir, these big hoppy beasts and highly experimental barrel beers pack some punch.

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