Halloween Candy Craft Beer Pairing | Devil's Peak Brewing

Halloween Candy Craft Beer Pairing

Halloween Candy Craft Beer Pairing

Halloween Candy Craft Beer Pairing Guide from #DPBC

King’s Blockhouse IPA | Sour Gummies

A beer big requires a candy that can take a knock. We couldn’t think of a more punchy candy than sour gummies. Let out that inner kid and grab a pack for your next session.

First Light Golden Ale | Mini Marshmallows or NestleChocolate Log

The delicate flavours of our First Light Golden Ale require a candy with a light touch. As we don’t have peeps readily available, try a bowl of mini marshmallows or a trusty chocolate log from Nestle.

Devil’s Peak Lager | Fudge

Cut through the intense sweet of South African fudge with the smooth, crisp finish of a #DPBC Lager. Get ready for heavy notes of caramel as the two do the monster mash on your palate.

Devil’s Peak Pale Ale | Fruit Pastilles

Devil’s Peak’s Pale ale is no pushover. It’s easy drinking, yet packs a hop punch and crisp finish. These notes of hoppy fruit are perfectly complemented by fruit pastilles.

So what are you waiting for? Your epic Halloween candy craft beer pairing awaits, so get your costume ready for a marathon of trick or treating . . . or at least driving to the shops!

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