Head Chef David Walker | Devil's Peak Brewing Company

Head Chef David Walker

Head Chef David Walker

David Walker is the head chef at The Taproom at Devil’s Peak. He’s the one you have to thank for all of the delicious burgers, bbq, and Taproom classics that you enjoy with our delicious #DPBC beer!

In an effort to get to the man behind the chef’s whites, we asked Dave to share 10 things people might not know about him. Turns out he’s a pretty interesting guy!

Head Chef David Walker

1) Been with the Taproom since it opened in 2013

2) Participated in Unilever Young Chefs Cook-off competition

4) Dave makes all of the charcuterie for The Taproom in-house!

5) Craziest thing Dave’s ever done: Become a chef.

6) Dave loves blues rock!

6) Favourite food: Charcuterie and cheeses

7) Favourite beers: Devil’s Peak Saison and Le Choeffe

8) Favourite Taproom pairing: Pulled Pork Sandwich with #DPBC King’s Blockhouse IPA

9) Favourite chef: Everyone involved at the Pitt Cue Co.

10) Favourite style of food to cook: Authenticity is key. Southern United States and NYC street style both stand out.

You can see Head Chef David Walker’s amazing Taproom menu here!

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