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After many months of patiently waiting, the day came where we were finally able to invite homebrew competition winner Matt Hurst over to brew his fantastic Black IPA, aptly named Lygophilia. I admittedly had to Google the meaning. Lygophilia(noun): Love of Darkness. We were both excited. Matt mostly due to the fact that he would carefully get to watch his recipe get ramped up 50 times its original size and me mostly because this is one of my favourite beer styles. I am a true Lygophiliac.

Alas, not everything went according to plan, half way through the brew the steam pump decided it had had enough and threw in the towel. Much to my displeasure, we had to dump the wort prior to boiling. A speedy pump repair and a few days later it was take two. This time, everything went according to plan. The wort tasted great albeit slightly higher in gravity than originally planned. This means we might end up with an ABV of just above 7.5%. No complaints there.

Currently, the beer has finished with fermentation and is going through its lavish dry hopping stage. This is what really makes and IPA and IPA. Look out for it on tap in The Taproom while stocks last. You will not be disappointed. If you do miss out, your only chance at tasting this beauty is to get hold of Matt and twist his arm into sharing one of his 200 bottles with you!

JC Steyn

DPBC Head Brewer

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