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Homebrew Comp Awards Night

Awards Night

Join us for the 2nd annual Devil’s Peak Homebrew Competition Awards Night! 

Venue: The Taproom at Devil’s Peak

Date/Time: Wednesday, 15/07/15 at 18:30

Cost: Free for all homebrew competition participants and plus one. R50 for non participants who would like to attend.

Included: Ticket includes 330ml beer, canapes, and epic, beer-filled night. Pull in!

Judging beer is serious business. Well – when the BJCP is involved it is. Lengthy score sheets, swill buckets, jugs of water and crackers – last Saturday was game day.

With our pencils in hand and the exhaustive list of of almost every beer style imaginable, 15 judges ticked the boxes, scribbled comments, and assigned scores.

The Devil’s Peak Homebrew Competition, now in its second year, had almost 40 beers entered from all across the country.

It was pretty amazing to see 37 people’s brewing hopes and dreams packed into bottle form and placed on the proverbial chopping block.

Straight away, I have to say how much respect I have for each and every entrant who participated. It’s not an easy thing to pour so much time, effort and passion into something and then hand it over to be judged (for better or worse) by some of the country’s best palates.

Being one of those palates (minus the “best”), was a big responsibility, and I can tell you everyone there took their job very seriously.

Did we have fun? Of course! But as you can see from the picture above, there was a lot of deliberation and thought that went into scoring each and every one of the beers. Quite a task but very rewarding!

The quality of this year’s entries were outstanding. We had a lot of beers that scored well into the 30’s (rated as very good to excellent), and all the judges were really impressed on how far the homebrewing scene has evolved in even the year since the last comp.

“So who won?!”

Well, if you want to be the first to know that, you’re going to have to pull in to the awards night! It’s going to be an awesome time, and even if you didn’t participate, please come to support those who rolled the dice for a shot at beer immortality.

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