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How Beer Helped Usher In Civilisation As We Know It

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The origins of beer are a mystery.

What we do know is this – Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers foraged for food and hunted meat until the Neolithic period, when man realized that he could grow his own.

But what made these previously nomadic tribes become sedentary, start farming, make pottery and build homes in the Middle East’s Fertile Crescent?

The birthplace of civilisation is all thanks to beer.

While most historians and archeologists credit bread-making, it was actually a thirst for beer that turned early humans from foragers into farmers.

The theory goes like this: A bowl of precious wild barley was accidentally left out in the rain, where the combination of moisture and the wild yeasts in the air caused the seeds to ferment, producing a rudimentary beer.

And just look how far we’ve come since that serendipitous swill!

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