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How To Pour The Perfect Beer

As all craft beer lovers know that one cannot simply drink amazing beers straight from the bottle. And while you might be tempted to walk around with our new bottles and beautiful labels proudly on display, it simply won’t do to keep the King’s Blockhouse locked away in his amber dungeon. You, my friends, need to learn how to pour the perfect beer.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Yeah, dude, but anyone can pour a perfect beer.”


There’s a myriad of factors that will impact your ability to achieving the perfect pour. Some of them you might surmise, like starting with a clean glass. But what do you know about nucleation and vacuums? Are you a proponent of frosty mugs? How many degrees should one tilt the glass before pouring?

These and other questions are answered in this handy video from BuzzFeed. So get to it. Practice makes perfect.

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