Beer after sport - is it fine to drink?

Is It Fine To Drink Beer After Sport?

Even Arjen Robben drinks beer after sport

Dear Dave,
After our weekly kickabout all I want to do is crack open a thirst-quenching beer. Well, there’s this guy, you probably know a dude just like him, and I’ll call him Ed because that’s his name, anyway, Ed reckons that I’m actually dehydrating myself further when I enjoy a delicious beer after my game. I know? What a dick! Anyway, please bestow upon me some of your knowledge so that I might school this fool. I mean, is it fine to drink beer after sport?

Hey Jaco,

Ha, pity the fool! I actually knew a guy just like that who used to frequent a bar I worked at back in the day. He eventually earned himself the nickname ENOs, because "He knows Everything..." Anyway, research suggests that it's absolutely fine for you to crack open a beer after any sporting event. Just bear in mind, a low-alcohol beer with a pinch of salt added will help you to rehydrate better than a boozier brew would. Your beer needs to be 3.5 percent alcohol or less, otherwise the benefit vanishes. Your favourite too strong? Mix it with a non-alcoholic brew. And don’t forget the salty snacks.


Ps. Please give Ed a lovely late-tackle from me. Guy sounds like he deserves it.

Dave’s a barman. Dave stays sober while you get drunk. Dave is part philosopher, part marriage counselor, part shrink and part priest. Dave serves them all. From guys celebrating the news that they’re going to be a dad, to the dude that just got laid off. You got a problem you ask Dave.

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