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Is My Beer In The Wrong Glass?

Which beer glass?

Dear Dave,
I am writing to you about something that happened on the weekend, something that affected me greatly on the night and has been bothering me ever since... I recently hosted a dinner party at my home where, along with wine, I offered my guests a selection of some of the finest craft beers in the country. (Your King's Blockhouse was definitely a winner on the night, so thank you for that.) However, there was one particular ingrate who darkened my table by constantly complaining about me serving this fine craft beer in the incorrect glassware. I tried to play the gracious host and invited him to come and choose his preferred vessel from what I had on hand, but apparently I should've only served lager given my poor selection.
Timothy Von Pletzer

Hey Tim,

Don't beat yourself up about it, man. Sure, I believe in beer in a glass of its own, and only drink from a vessel with an outward turned lip – this delivers beer to the front of my tongue where the sweetness is tasted. A glass with a rounded bowl that collects aromas and with thinner walls in order to maintain proper beer temperature longer. Obviously it goes without saying that the glass that I drink from has nucleation sites, lazer etchings on the bottom of the glass that create bubbles from constant aroma release. But that’s me, and what I like to decant beer in at home. If I was at someone else's home I'd happily drink whatever beer they were serving out of a tea-cup, if that's what the host wanted. Tell that blowhard that your dinner parties aren't an opportunity for him to find fault like it's an episode of Come Dine With Me, and that as a grateful guest he’s welcome to gift you the correct glassware, failing that a box of fine craft, like a good guest should.


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