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Kate Moss’s Breast Used For Glassware

Kate Moss

Those with a thorough knowledge of their liquor, or rather glassware, will know the rumoured origins of a champagne coupe were the shape of Marie Antoinette’s breasts.

Now, a London restaurant, 34, has recruited artist Jane McAdam to take a mold of Kate Moss’s breast, before transforming it into a champagne coupe.

We think that despite all her bad publicity and questionable taste in men over the years, the British icon of style is a fantastic choice for moulding this glassware.

But let them drink champagne.

Whose, ahem, assets, do you think would best suit our beer? Firstly, a high-fashion model’s a-cup just wouldn’t work… We want nothing less than a full pint, man!

Kate Upton?
Emily Ratajkowski?
Genevieve Morton?

Something to sip on, and once you’ve let that properly filter then do let us know your choice in the comments below.


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