The King's Blockhouse Mentioned on Thrillest

The King’s Blockhouse Mentioned on Thrillest

king's blockhouse

One of the dopest sites on the web, Thrillest, have a great new series called 21 Best, which ranges from the 21 Best Strip Clubs in America to 21 Weird and Wonderful Theme Bars.

However, it’s their 21 Best Beer Bars in the World, which not only had us planning our next holiday, but also gave us that warm, fuzzy feeling usually associated with a good ol’ fashioned beer buzz.

We’re stoked, man! In punting the Beerhouse on Long, the good people listed our award winning King’s Blockhouse IPA as the beer to drink.

Here’s what they had to say:

Beerhouse on Long
Cape Town, South Africa
What you’re drinking: Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA
Even if they often don’t rank in beer aficionados’ typical lists, the Beerhouse on Long is an oasis in Africa for anyone curious about the exploding craft beer movement on the continent. Their beer list is physically massive, not only because of 20 taps and over 100 bottles available, but also thanks to the pages dedicated to education on styles and local production. Their commitment to highlighting African brews makes them a true standout, especially since opening a second location in Johannesburg in July of 2014.

Okay, so if for some reason you can’t drink at The Taproom then the Beerhouse on Long is your next best bet.

It’s great to have options.


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