Meet Our Coffee Brand Legado

Meet Our Coffee Brand Legado


Legado Coffee started in 2010, and after a few years of contract roasting and getting behind the intricacies of roasting, they were firmly embedded in the Stellenbosch and Somerset West area.

Today they supply some of the top 10 restaurants in South Africa, and apart from restaurants and coffee shops, they also supply offices, have their own retail shop in Stellenbosch and their roastery on the Rosenview Farm is open to the public on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

The coffee is also available on Yuppiechef and the brand just launched an exciting new venture with Exclusive Books.

So what’s all this got to do with the price of hops?

Well, believe it or not, but The Taproom has been serving coffee for over a year now, and not just any coffee, mind, but Legado Coffee.

Which is why we thought that we’d introduce you to our delicious coffee brand.

Partnering with these guys was an easy choice, as they are as passionate about their coffee as the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is about beer. We’ve seen how they treat each new coffee that they source with utmost care and attention, working hard to present them at their optimum roast profile and brewing them as close to world barista standards as possible.

In the past we only offered manual brewing methods, but with the demand growing we’ve now set up an espresso-based coffee service.

At the moment the Guatemalan El Morito (The farm came 2nd in the famed ‘Cup of Excellence’ competition in 2013) is being served as an espresso-based beverage and we are looking to reintroduce the manual brewing method, most probably with an interesting African single-origin coffee.

Has anyone ever done a coffee-infused beer?

Perhaps it’s time to take the relationship further…


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  1. Hi there.. nice to see what you guys are up to. We have done a lot of coffee infused beers. Both during the brewing and/or at the serving of beer. Both our 100% viking and collaboration imperial porter are coffee infused. Fantastic results. Check out all in brewing on rate beer and facebook. If you are curious about any techniques feel free to ask. Good luck guys. /shayne
    all in brewing

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