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Meet A… Brew House

brew house

You probably cal them tanks or ‘those big shiny things over there behind the bar’, but the proper term for the pride of DPBC is a Brewhouse.

Individually they’re affectionately known as Sputnik, Apollo and Old Faithful and were produced in 2001 by a company called BIERING based in Stuttgart, Germany.

The brewhouse consists of three parts:
1) Mash tun/Kettle (all in one)
2) Mono-block which has all the pipe work and the controls
3) lauter tun and Whirlpool.

The outside is copper, mostly for aesthetics, and the entire inner is made from stainless steel, as plastic can give off-flavours and harbour beer spoiling bacteria.

The DPBC bought this equipment from The Paulaner in 2012, and our friends over at the Birkenhead Brewery have the bigger brother/sister/cousin that boasts a 2000L capacity.

The DPBC Brewhouse is used four days a week, producing 1500L per batch, which takes about eight hours to brew. It runs on nine 9kw elements, which costs around R400 per brew (Thanks Eskom!) and you could run approximately 1400 household light bulbs with the same output.

Due to demand for South Africa’s best craft beer, DPBC is in the process of adding on another vessel, which will allow them to brew two brews (3000L) per day. We’ll introduce you to him/her/it… whatever the correct pronoun is, as soon as we can, so stay posted.


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