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Meet A… Brewpub

the taproom

Sitting in the shadow of the peak that’s the devils, in a newly renovated building reminiscent of the Flatiron Building in New York City, is The Devil’s Peak Brewing Company.

What was a textile mill, then a bicycle company, is now a fully functioning brewery. We’ll drink to how things have come, having grown from a skunkworks operation out of a garage in the industrial area of Somerset West.

At the heart of the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is The Taproom.

The Taproom isn’t aloof, superior or snobbish. There’s no sense of entitlement. It’s a homely place where customers, whether craft beer converts or not, can feel welcome to sit down and have a few pints. It’s not about exalting scarcity, promoting rarity and focusing on inaccessible beers. This isn’t beer porn, guys. The Taproom pays homage to the craft of craft, and is all about truth to materials. And that’s what makes these humble, pioneering craft brewers great.

The Taproom offers a diverse selection of DPBC’s beers – Founder, Explorer and Speciality beers, at reasonable prices with an educated staff working in an environment that cuts the attitude and celebrates an openness for new customers looking to appreciate the finest in local craft.

The Taproom is a working brewery that smells like porridge and because it’s run by professionals you can bet the tap lines are clean.

So pop in for a visit come beer-0-clock, get comfortable in the plush furnishings, start with a tasting tray, get to know what you like, get to know some of the guys making your beer, take a look at the delicious food being served to the table next to yours, check out the menu, order your own, make a night out of it.

The Taproom is your new local.

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