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Meet Our… New Fermentation Vessels

fermentation tank

Today is a good day. The Devil’s Peak Brewing Company just safely installed two brand new, 3000 litre, fermentation vessels.

They’re very shiny, and we’ve caught the other fermentation tanks in our cellar admiring their reflections in the new equipment.

But, let us tell you, getting them there was no mean feat. Firstly, they weigh about 1 ton, and the crew had to roll up their sleeves and drag them up the ramp using a 4×4. The fermentation vessels were then propped upright with a block and tackle and a manual pallet jack.

fermentation tanks

You want to know what the most delicious beer in the world is? It’s whatever you drink after taking on a task as arduous as positioning new brewing equipment!

Still, the effort is well worth the reward, and the good news for you thirsty craft beer fans is that the new fermentation vessels will increase monthly output volumes significantly.

While still only able to to brew 1500 litres a day, which is dictated by the brewhouse and not fermentation space, the planned upgrade of the brewhouse will then allow DPBC to brew twice a day.

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company’s head brewer, JC Steyn, says that the fermentation vessels will mostly be used for the Devil’s Peak IPA and Golden Ale.


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